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Adam Burke has an economic attention span.


#! /usr/bin/python

# economic agent, resources in RRMaps 

from Agent import Agent
from RRMap import RRMap

class FreeLoaderAgent(Agent) :

    def type(self) :
        return "FreeLoaderAgent"

    def oneStep(self) : 
        if self.alive == 1 :
            for r in self.resources.values() :
    def addResource(self, name, needRange, rgcRange, rcrRange) :
        r = RRMap(name)
        r.rgc = 0

I guess I should have subclassed RRMap instead of this hack :>

Breaks Table.py a bit at the moment ... Freeloaders are important for invalids etc, I suspect some of these environments are a bit too easy to survive in. Even if rgcRange << rcrRange a few Agents will manage to survive because the randomized result will have rgc > rcr.

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