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I am a software engineer who is bored writing low level code for devices and networking, now playing with peer to peer complementary currency idea, writing in python. This is my project's http://www.geekcredit.org site.

This is my http://www.izardsnest.org homepage wiki.

Hi Alexander, welcome to OPTIMAES.

(Sorry, I'd have replied sooner but I took my eye off this wiki for a moment. :-(

Would love to talk more about your project. Will check your pages. Would you like to give a quick intro to what your simulation interests are? eg. questions you want to address, methods etc?

-- PhilJones


I've downloaded your code and now trying to figure out how to apply it to simulate Geek Credit/WATT local currency. I hope this might help revealing the problems with larger scale operation before the real life will show them off. My own simulation code is awkward comparing to yours. I don't need any help yet, the code is quite clear and straitforward, thank you for the smart design.

-- Alexander

Thanks, I'm glad the code is understandable. Though I think I still need to do more refactoring and cleaning. Also, check the discussion with PijusVirketis who suggests we start using SimPy for some of the functions. I like the idea of that, although nothing's decided yet.

I couldn't access your GeekCredit page when I tried (I'll try again) but you might want to create a GeekCredit page here, just to leave a note of what you're trying to do with your simulations. Pijus is pushing me to think about and work on a clearer description of what we want an Agent to be. So I'd like to get a better idea of what other users, like yourself, are thinking of.

-- PhilJones

ps : ah .. I see GeekCredit is on strike today. My site should be, but I don't have log-in access to the site from work. :-(

Thanks for pointing to SymPy?. I've read the discussion. I also think using SymPy? would pay off, the only thing to decide is wether the payoff would match the efforts ;) You are in the best position to answer this question. Meanwhile, I'll be using your code. Will let you know when I will do something useful. The strike will be over today. There is a link at the bottom of the page leading to the site, index2.html anyway. Hope there will be a lot of people protesting in the Brussels.

-- Alexander.

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