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From the XAT discussion forum : http://d64088.u23.freelifetimedomainhosting.com/cgi-bin/teemz/teemz.cgi?board=_master&action=opentopic&topic=10&forum=A_New_Economic_System (the link does not work. Pity. Web-archive : http://web.archive.org/web/20031128213905/http://d64088.u23.freelifetimedomainhosting.com/cgi-bin/teemz/teemz.cgi?board=_master&action=opentopic&topic=10&forum=A_New_Economic_System)

If you want to control money you have to ration and control the banks ability to spiral their usury off fixed assets and the most important of these is land. Mark Twain famously said - They aint makin any more. I'm gonna get me some. 70% of the land in the UK is owned by 1% of the population. Imagine what that monopoly does to house to house prices and mortgage levels. It means that 99% of us are competing for the remaining 30%.

Interest free money ie free of usury or riba as Muslims call it, is a self defeating system without the jovel or jubilee every 49 years to cancel all debts as in biblical times. Such a jubilee related system is impractical for anything more than a village today eg for reducing peoples tax liabilities. When you get to where Turkey got to with it in 1993 / 1994 when a system of barter-only currency was raised to widespsread popular levels the existing computerised banking system devalues you or worse and shuts you down.

If you dont control the lenders my opinion is you are wasting your time and brain cells and the only way to do this is to get the value of land back into the hands of the truly democratic government because it is public property since it was community created by taxpayers putting in transport infrastructure like railways and tram routes. Check out Land ownership theories if you want a fairer world. All the best - chuangtsu

See also MST

I completely agree that land reform is the biggest issue going on... zack@neurosociety.net

Injustice and civilisation-old oppression rests on the privatisation of the benefits of the two fundamental monopolies:

The monopoly of land ownership and the monopoly in creating a nation's credit/money.

Challenge these two monopolies and the anit-democratic power structure metamorphoses into true servants of the welfare of humanity and its fellow creatures.

An effective challenge lies in arguing the moral and intellectual shallowness of the legitimating philosophies and assumptions, for example, "natural resources belong to those who exploit them" behind one monopoly and, "banks manufacture credit/money as farmers grow food, or carmakers produce cars... why single them out as a culprit?" behind the other.

The assumptions and philosophies have been championed largely by academics and other intellectuals on the payroll of the power elites (see The Corruption Of Economics by Gaffney and Harrison).

A few academics and intellectuals have exposed this shameful abnegation of responsibility by bought-off opinion formers but their voice is drowned by the volume and veight of amplified counter-propaganda.

It is up to clear thinking lay people, helped by the relatively few honest academics, to mount a shaming and naming campaign and expose and exploit the weaknesses of the arguments defending the status quo.

So, dear "devious defenders of the status quo", how come that the two most important human resource, land and money, is the most expensive to acquire yet they have no cost of production..? (Land is a gift of nature; money is created out of nothing by adding as many zeroes to an integer as the banks please.)

The challenge to us -- the people -- is summed up in the question: "in what form, and by what means, can the above information resource be presented effectively (i.e. convincingly) to Gordon Brown and the Governor of the Bank of England, etc., who are responsible for the welfare of the people they claim to serve?"

Well OPTIMAES is one attempt to find a way that lay-people can talk to those with political power about one of those issues : money. Or, at least, one group of lay-people : the internet / hacker community. But this is a growing constituency, as more people gain literacy in the use and programming of computers. And it's a community with a healthy disrespect for authorities. -- PhilJones

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