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wiki-writer, born in '60 in Berlin.

"central" wiki-homepage:

[community-wiki: Mattis Manzel]

hi. Nice to have found this here. :) -- MattisManzel

Good to have you here Mattis. Welcome to Optimaes:-)

Feel free to criticise or ask about anything you don't understand. Note : I'm in the process of pulling the Optimaes code apart and re-organizing it a bit, so if you are about to make changes to it, you might like to wait until the new version is up.

I take it WikiNode is something like the TourBus??

-- PhilJones

In a way, but in a way not. It's like the corridor befor your entrance door. You see who the neighbors are. The community chooses who the neighbors are, gives a fine selection there. On wiki you can do so, as we are all neighbors. Maybe "most liked neighbors" would be better? -- MattisManzel

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