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OpenEconomy is a project related to radical social change, through economics.

We're a group of italian economists, programmers and other ppl with the common deal to build an alternative economic system. Our website, hosted by the independent server Mutualaid.org, is based on a particular wiki called TikiWiki, that permits us to have at the same time an ordinary CMS, with articles and forums, and a wiki (also with graphical-pad options!) we use as a remote laboratory of counter-economics. It's a net laboratory: lot of us are located in different cities of Italy and foreign countries.

The development of our economic theories are at the beginning, our project started few months ago.

We started to build our model from Domenico De Simone monetary theories, one of the members of our collective, who was inspired by Gesell theories. And we're trying to integrate these theories with some Parecon issues about decisional system, thanks to Adele Oliveri, another member, that is the italian translator of Parecon. We also take some inspiration from Bookchin's Libertarian Municipalism.

The basic concept is to use money as a GPL licence, to create a kind of money that use the formal capitalist structure...to destroy it :) The formal structure used by the GPL is the copyright system, for us is the financial system: our tools are bonds, negative interests bonds! Negative interest is a way to abolish monetary accumulation and to stimulate circulation of money.

Using negative interest bonds is possible to legally issue money! These bonds are issued by a private association, we called F.A.Z. (Financially Autonomous Zone), thinking to more famous Hakim Bey's TAZ :)

How it works a FAZ?

This association/community "create" money to fund economic activities that wish to distribute their products/services in the FAZ network and, at the same time of issuing, "create" money to distribute a citizen's basic income to the FAZ members.

Basic decisions inside the FAZ are taken by a direct-democracy Assembly, through the consensus method. Technical decisions are taken by an Advisors' Commiteee. There's a computer-assisted information/decision system that supports all the exchange of information inside the FAZ.

At the moment these are...only ideas in development. We're working to make also an english version of the website and when it will be ready, we hope you will contribute :)


Hi to everyone in OpenEconomy. Welcome to Optimaes!

We look forward to following what you're up to. (I think Hilan reads some Italian, I'm going have to wait for the English version, sorry!)

We'll be moving on to modelling InterestFreeMoney soon, and any comments or criticisms you have will be welcome. Also, if you have any ideas about how we can model your system, please tell us.

Good Luck

-- PhilJones

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