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The opinion of a self descibed CrimethInc? <http://www.crimethinc.com>; Agent:

I haven't taken a look at the source code yet, but I feel that the total production values given for the "capitalist" agents are much more likely to be less than they are described, mostly due to the hierarchies involved with modern capitalist organizations. I find that when agents are under a circumstance which they don't prefer (a sucky boss, a job they don't like, etc), they are much less likely to produce goods.

However, in fairness, this would co-inside with a behavioral system that would allow agents to "adapt" to a successful organization if they produce more then their own. Maybe we should think about implementing a way for the various agents to interact in a macro-simulation and see what comes up when they compete.

I am very interested in contributing to this project and starting a dialogue.

-- Robin Hoode <mailto:robinhoode@ziplip.com>;

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