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Q : What kind of thing can I add here?

Technically, anything you like. But assuming you want to be friendly, what do I hope you will add here?

I have some interests, listed on the front page. And make comments on things, have opinions, make outrageous predictions etc.

I hope if you disagree you'll ArgueAgainstMe. This can include adding a paragraph of disagreement after previous comments (preferably separated with a horizontal line (four hyphens) and ideally signed by you. Or you can create a new page named something like CounterTopicWhatAboutX?? I may refactor objections and counter objections into threads of pages occasionally.

If you agree or want to add supplimentary comments or evidence, do, in exactly the same way.

If you just want to say "MeToo?", that's cool as well :-)

Text formating rules on UseMod's home wiki : http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TextFormattingRules

with the table patch

so you can make tables like this

Read the IntellectualPropertyPolicyOfThisWiki

NB : Remember everything here is eligible for WikiComposting

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