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BlogRolls are obviously blog-networks.

But there's a commercial version too. Here's a good analysis of the value of joining a blog-network over playing solo, and how the GoogleJuice works to everyone's advantage.

Might be interesting to compare how blog-networks are rather like gangs.

Why not join?

Obviously, explicit blog-networks are a counter-part of explicit SocialNetworkingServices.

How does this compete with a social networking service like TribeNet starting to introduce blogs for all members?

Bloggers rate their contributers? : http://calacanis.weblogsinc.com/entry/1234000613046373/


Contrast BlogRolls

BlogRolls BlogNetworks Comments
Bends the BlogoSphere? Yes Yes (Just as mass distorts space, these things form gravity wells in the blogosphere)
GoogleJuice Yes Yes
Shape Rhyzome Hierarchy Interesting difference. See also NetworksVsHierarchies

See also :

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