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When my cheap handheld video-game was stolen, I started fantasizing :

A very cheap (cheap enough to have stolen by street kids without worrying) handheld computer. That looked like a video-game. Started as a video-game. But began to teach illiterate children to read.

Have you read NealStephenson?'s DiamondAge?? --BillSeitz

Would a PDA do the trick? Here's a weird hybrid: http://www.tapwave.com http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/11.10/play_pr.html

The LeapPad? costs about 25 bucks and is smart as hell. You play it with a magnetic pen and insertable book/cartridge combinations. I heard/read somewhere that a number of them were modified to teach child care to Afghan women. It would be so cool if it were programmable by anyone. -- SebPaquet

That's a bloody good idea! I wonder how much they cost here in Brazil. Also interesting trade off how they get so cheap : ditch the screen and use paper. Muses ... probably coding is very low-level? -- PhilJones

See also Simputer, BeermatComputer

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