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OperatingSystem? of the Apple Macintosh

RichardP writes for it.

This copied from RichardP's PersonalHomePage here.

MacOs is a big mystery to me. What's it like writing for? Is it now more like Unix?

-- PhilJones

Thanks for the welcome. With regards to writing code for Mac OS X, it is certainly much more like Unix then the classic Mac OS. The core of Mac OS X is essentially an open-source BSD Unix derivative - in fact the core is available for download (without the Mac OS GUI) at [www.opendarwin.org]. It is a fairly straightforward task to port the engine of a UNIX application to Mac OS X. However, even with the new UNIX core, writing for the Mac OS platform has a couple of unique challenges. Supporting the friendly Mac OS GUI requires a substantial effort on the part of the application programmer, generally requiring a fairly elaborate set of UI code. Mac OS users are relatively uncompromising in their desire to see Mac OS applications behave according to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. Also, they generally demand a greater degree of "fit and finish" from their applications then that which will satisfy Windows users. Developers who ignore these two points generally find that their Mac OS applications sell poorly. -- RichardP

Given that there are standard expectations for Mac GUI stuff I suppose there are Wizards / SoftwareFactories to help, right?

-- PhilJones

Yup. The XCode IDE and the NextStep? based frameworks take a huge amount of pain from OS X development -- AdrianHoward

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