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A personal home page is just like any other page on a Wiki.

Create a page with your name as a WikiWord eg. mine is PhilJones, then follow the link to edit the page.

Write anything you like about yourself, what you believe, why you're here, etc.

NB : It is rude to use this feature to spam wiki with adverts. The chances are the next reader will remove such polution. But links to your own site / weblog / wiki are fine.

Q : Where should I add my name to create the first link to my homepage?

A : At the moment, the list on OtherPeopleHere.

'''Q. : What about using the backlink feature of wiki and asking people to place HomePage on their PersonalHomePage, and they just add their names to OtherPeopleHere?

A : Good idea ... is CategoryHomePage Ok for this, or too generic?

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