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- RSS isn't dead, but RobertScoble has some interesting thoughts on problems that a generic RiverOfNews on top of RSS has to compete against Twitter / FaceBook : http://scobleizer.com/2010/09/13/reboot-rss-readers-sorry-that-train-has-left-the-station/


State of RSS : http://marshallk.com/if-you-think-rss-is-dead-then-thats-your-loss-and-its-a-big-one
DaveWiner's original vision : http://static.userland.com/userLandDiscussArchive/msg010085.html

Maybe just send the changes : http://www.teledyn.com/mt/archives/002136.html

Today's Aphorism :

RSS is to the web, what the pipe is to Unix (TheUnixPipe)

Also, what is RSS-data? : http://radio.weblogs.com/0113297/2003/10/01.html#a236

RSS maybe replaced by RSS 3.0 : http://www.aaronsw.com/2002/rss30

having got into the power of RawIncluding? over on Beach:HomePage and BeatBlog I'm a convert. :-)

(Comment from Oli: My understanding was that RSS 3.0 was a joke mocking DaveWiner's obsession with a particular notion of simplicity)

A wiki about RSS : http://careo.elearning.ubc.ca/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TheFuss

Now MMORPGS? (or similar) are spitting out reports of what's going on using RSS : http://davextreme.com/2004/11/halo_2_rss_feed
In science publishing : http://www.dlib.org/dlib/december04/hammond/12hammond.html (See also AcademiaVsNewMedia)
JakobNielsen's thoughts : http://blogs.msdn.com/alexbarn/archive/2005/06/01/424099.aspx
MicroSoft want to turn it into a general "list" : http://www.reallysimplesyndication.com/2005/06/22#a634, my comment : http://blahsploitation.blogspot.com/2005/06/according-to-dave-winer-microsoft-are.html

RSS as a brand : http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/jim/2005/08/15#a1006 ( Branding)
See also : MicroContent

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