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Welcome to ThoughtStorms Wiki

Q : What's this Wiki about?

A : This is the PersonalWiki of PhilJones (who also has a weblog at http://blahsploitation.blogspot.com/ but this wiki is my real passion.)

In general it's focussed on things that interest me. See TopicsDiscussedHere for an overview; ThemesOfThisWiki for a set of themes I'm interested in; [this wiki sorted by number of in-links to pages]; PhilsBlogRoll for new weblogs I've discovered which I may add to my blogroll Or the tabular overview below.

|| Major Themes || NetworksVsHierarchies / OnAbstraction / OnModularity / TheLogicOfTheFuture / TopicsDiscussedHere ||
|| InternetCultureStuff || OnlineWriting (OnWeblogs, OnWiki, TypedThreadedDiscussion) / The NetworkSociety / NetoCracy / TheAgeOfAmateurs / NewEconomyCurriculum / SocialSoftware / PoliticsOfUsingComputers / InternetPlayas ||
|| PoliticalStuff, Economics and AltMoney || Optimaes / OnMoney / OnMarkets / FabulousMonstersOfEconomicDebate / CategoryEconomics / EmergentDemocracy / CollectiveActionProblems / BecomingConservative / WiredTradeUnionism / DecentralizedLeft / OnGlobalization / TheNationState / ThoughtStormsAtlas ||
|| PhilosophicalStuff || PopperianEpistemology / QuantitativeEthics / GameTheoryEthics / RationalismAndEmpiricism / AtomismAndHolism / PersonalIdentity / TypesOfThinking||
|| MusicalStuff ||Gbloink / BeatBlog / FreeMusic / MusicalEcology / InterestingInstruments||
|| ProgrammingStuff / DesignStuff || OnHacking / ProgrammingLanguages / OpenSource / InformationArchitecture / PatternLanguageForTheSocialNetwork / ProgrammingWithAndInWiki / DesignersDilemma / DoesAbstractionScale / OnLaziness / IndexOfStandards / AgentsBotsEtc / SpaceVsInformationFlows ||
|| Cities and OrganicArchitecture || OnCities / PatternLanguages / HowBuildingsLearn / ACityIsNotATree / TheCityAsInformationSystem / InformationCity / OnFavelas / HighDensityLiving / ReclaimTheCity / FallingApart ||
|| PhilsProjects || SdiDesk, Gbloink, Optimaes ||

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Why is this wiki now locked?

WikiSpam. I kept it open for several years, encouraging counterargument. And my experience was only good. However, since 2005, wiki-spammers who aren't interested in communicating with humans at all, but simply boosting the PageRank of their clients, have been bombarding the wiki. It's closed until I can find and implement some sort of solution.

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